Professional Model Course

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Edutalky has a maximum educational center in Punjab for which you could opt our best educational center near your home and town. You can enroll online in our course from anywhere in the world to avail of special seat bookings for you.


Professional Model Course

Hospo24 is carving out a niche’ in talent management especially for Indian and International Models. Its uniqueness is in recognizing and scouting new faces and managing their careers through innovative thinking and a strong understanding of the marketplace.

Hospo24 provides a unique and invaluable platform for fresh talent to enter the world of beauty, glamour, pageantry, fashion, and films. It claims to serve as an ideal interface between the aspiring talents and industry demands. It has been playing a very effective and proactive role in closing on the gaps pertaining to dreams and demands.

As a celebrity and talent management agency, Hospo24 specializes in identifying, grooming, mentoring and marketing India’s future stars. We offer diversity in terms of female, male and child models; with an exclusive focus on grooming models to fit into character roles. It is building its reputation in the industry through highly diversified services in photoshoot management. It has an inhouse modern grooming studio that assists models in their preliminary phase.

  • Training By: Edutalky – Artist Training Academy
  • Duration: 01 Months
  • Price: 50,000/-

Course Curriculum:

  • Model and Pageant Grooming Modeling is a glamorous career but like every profession it needs determination. If you’re passionate about modeling and beauty pageants then Hospo24 will help you transform your desire into reality.
  • Photoshoots and Portfolio Designing For your design portfolio to stand out amongst the crowd, it needs professional photography to give it the edge. Good professional photography boosts the quality of your work
  • Public Relations and Promotions Whether you are cleaning up a tarnished image or launching a campaign, the steps you take to form a public relations promotion strategy will likely be the same.
  • Model Casting and Direction The casting direction affects the numbering of concrete parts. If you define the casting director for parts that differ only by their modeling direction.
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